10 Well tested ways to get those smoking hot ripped abs..

Abs Workout

To get good ripped abs it is always a combination of more than just abs workout and tracking it. You need to make sure that you are eating right and have a good control on your diet as well.

You need to know the right to wrong. There is a lot of guidance that you will have to take to get those good six pack ripped abs. There are so many factors which you will have to remember before just blindly following the abs workout routine. Ab workouts are tough and never think that it is going to be tough. You can hit the gym if you want or you can do the abs workout at home as and how you like it. But remember, getting a flat belly or getting rid of that belly is not going to be easy.

Moreover, the belly fat is going to be there. So let us get started with the answers for how to get good ripped abs:

#1 Smarter cardio methods:

Do stick to the same dumb cardio methods that people suggest you for sick pack abs workout. You need to be innovative. We have one tip for you for these cardio ab workouts. Think about all the childhood games you have played. They were in a way the cardio workout you would do. All if these childhood games make sure that you are tired from your head to toe. So things like running, swimming, cycling, suryanamaskar, lunges, planks, squat jumps, skipping, try to do all of these in the most innovative ways. Now you might be wondering why is cardio important for ab workout? Well the simplest answer which could be given for this is to burn the fats from your body and it is good for your muscles.

#2 Spot Reduction never works:

One false thought that people have in their mind is that crunches are the sole key to get those six pack abs workout working and showing results. Well it’s not true. Yes, it is true that crunches make your upper, lower, and oblique abdomen working but then yet again you need to remember that only crunches will not help you out. However, they are necessary for ab workout. There are various types of crunches to go for but depending on them solely will not get you the complete results.

#3 Do not directly go for heavy workouts:

It will be so wrong for your body if you directly go for heavy ab workout. It will leave your body sore, really sore. So what you could prefer doing would be to go step by step. Especially if you are one of them who has never gone to a gym. if you already are gyming, you can slowly start with heavy six pack ab workouts but one by one.

#4 Belly fat:

By now you should know that reducing belly fat is not easy. You will have to give up on a lot. There are various diet changes which you will have to get for this abs workout. The reason why belly fat is difficult is because whenever we eat, most of our fat gets stored in our belly. So it is difficult to get rid of that belly fat in order get those six pack ab workout results. Also one more thing which you will have to remember is that when you get your abs, not all of your belly fat will go away. A lot of it will stay which means that belly fat still does exist when you have abs.

#5 Enough proteins:

Just like mentioned above, you will have to compromise a lot on your diet. One way to reduce belly fat but be strong is by having enough proteins in your diet. Protein supply from food as well as protein shakes are necessary. Proteins help your body go on and specially when it comes to abs workout, you need to make sure that your intake just about right so that you see results faster than expected.

#6 Healthy food, healthy fats, avoid junk:

To get rid of the bad belly fat, it is important that you stop eating junk. We are sure that you must have heard of the terms called good belly fat and bad belly fat. What you have to do is get rid of the bad belly fat. Now you might be wondering, how do I get these bad belly fats? It is very simple. Stop eating junk food. Stop eating everything which will increase your belly size; which means food which will give you belly fat. Concentrate on food items which will give you good belly fat. Things like healthy food, sprouts, fruits, juices and everything around and about it.

#7 Eat the right carbs:

Eating right carbs to get your ab workout working is so very important. Ignore those people who say ‘completely stop eating carbs so that you get the results for your six pack abs workout’. They could not be any more wrong. Carbs are necessary because they help your body grow. Especially when it comes to abs workout. Eating carbs or intake of carbs is very important and make sure you are eating the right amount as well.

#8 Workout for a better back:

One of the secrets to a good strong set of six pack abs is to have a strong back. When your back is strong, your abs will be stronger. Well after all, it is all on your back on which most of the workouts are dependent on. So make sure to get the ab workout results, you have a good strong back as well.

#9 Workout all the way:

Do not leave your six pack abs workout half way. It is important keep the workouts going on and to keep them in process. If you are not regular, your abs workout routine will be affected and you will just keep on delaying the time for your six pack abs to finally be there. Make sure youworkout more if you want than the regular workout but never the less.

#10 Patience is the key:

If you do not have the patience, you do not have anything at all. Being patient but working out hard core will give you your abs faster than you have expected them to be there. If you think your six pack abs workout will show you results in 2 or 7 days, forget it. It is so much way more difficult to get abs but trust us they are worth it and you will love them when your ab workout shows you the result.

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